How To Pick The Perfect
Lounge Chair For Your Room

There is nothing like a lounge chair to make relaxing in your home both personal and comfortable. After a long day running errands, you deserve to lean back and sink into a high-quality lounge chair that satisfies your ergonomic wants and dreams.

How do you pick the perfect lounge chair for your space? Chairs set the mood of a room, and every room of the house can use a chair. According to the strictest definition, lounge chairs are armless seats designed in a permanently reclined position. 

A Lounge chair is a piece of sculpture as well as a piece of furniture. The right chair can make or break a room, make it interesting by its shape and size. Sometimes having a chair that is a little taller or bigger than is expected makes the room more interesting.  

Over the years, however, designers have generously expanded the definition. Whether it’s an armchair, club chair, or wingback chair, people now consider lounge chairs as any seating that allows the sitter to recline in some way. Perhaps, what’s most important to know is that lounge chairs are not for work or productivity, they are strictly made for leisure.

Iconic Lounge Chairs


Barcelona Chair

The Egg

The Womb Lounge Chair

Sacco Easy Chair

Chaise lounge

Ball chair

Decorating With A Lounge Chair

Decorators love the lounge chair for its versatility. The piece fits seamlessly into the corner of a study, at the foot of a bed, or skirting a living room sofa. The chair’s luxe, old-school air is also suited for generous, walk-in closets and next to fireplaces. To create a designated lounge space, consider furnishing a nook or a foyer with an antique chaise. When it comes to lounge chairs, you can truly let your creativity run wild!

Lounge chairs Dominate a room

lounge chairs naturally command attention in a space because of their larger size and statement-making silhouette. In a living room where you want your lounge chair to play a supporting role, take care to make sure it doesn’t visually overtake your couch. If you intend to make a lounge chair the star of a room, surround your seating with a compact side table, a floor lamp, or an antique room divider, resulting in a showstopper with plenty of visual energy.

The versatility of the lounger extends to the chair’s textiles. Whether it’s upholstered in Leather, velvet, breezy linen, or bold printed cotton, upholstery can add intriguing texture. Though, with so much variety available, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best fabrics. Ideally, you will want to ensure the tones you are choosing match existing tones in the room, and that they match your other furniture pieces

When asked for their best advice on how to select a fabric from a lounge chair, the team at the New York-based interior design firm Mendelson Group, Inc., encourage homeowners to “upholster in a fabric that makes you smile.” You can also throw a pillow or blanket onto a chair for another textural boost.

Consider the space the lounge chair is filling

Although a lounge chair is intended to draw attention to a space and create a focal point, choosing a chair that is too small or too large will draw negative attention and make your space seem off-balanced, especially in a small space.

In smaller rooms, lighter coloured upholstery can provide the illusion of more space, as can co-ordinating your furniture, and to create space, keep furniture pieces to a minimum. Larger spaces can benefit from the drama and presence of darker woods and colours. 

Consider the shape of the lounge chair that will best suit its desired functions. High backs offer privacy in a living room, and excellent support for the head and neck, whereas more horizontally oriented loungers offer flexibility and more restful lounging. Design-focused pieces will bring added flair when placed at the centre of a room.

Consider the colour of your Chair

Obviously, colour is going to be a major factor in deciding on your lounge chair.  You can find the perfect chair that meets your form, functionality, and stylistic standards, but if it isn’t available in a colour that coordinates with the existing shade pallet of your space, it’s not a good fit.  

As such, it’s a good idea to search for accent chairs that are available in a plethora of colours instead of getting your heart set on a particular style that is only available in navy blue, espresso, or dark grey, which are all common, but very specific tones that fare better as part of a set.

Selecting a beautiful lounge chair is an easy way to add luxurious style and create a visually appealing spot in any room.  Much more than just an extra place to sit, the right lounge will become the ultimate place to rest, relax, read a book or listen to your favourite tunes while pulling the room’s aesthetic and design together entirely.

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