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Colombini Casa furniture combines the best quality Italian design and creativity with luxurious materials and finishes to add a touch of magic to your living space. Their complete interior design and fitout service offer an all-new way of experiencing domestic interiors, by following an Italian lifestyle that brings endless possibilities to your home.

Colombini Casa offers a genuine interior design concept, where beautiful, flexible room layout designs that incorporate ingenious storage solutions and functionality are completed with durable and fashionable finishes. Tailor your room furniture to suit everything you need, from functional kitchens to comfortable and relaxing master bedrooms. Create vibrant kid's bedrooms that are a pleasure to be in. create elegant and contemporary living rooms that are a perfect haven to relax in.

Colombini Casa furniture & room design offers a place for everything. From home theatre systems to lighting and those beautiful items that you want displayed, it’s all considered. Choose from contemporary wall-mounted and freestanding, to open display or tucked away cabinets. This modern living room furniture looks as fabulous in a city flat as it does in a family home.

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