Smart Tips to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Most don't realize the importance of proper furniture cleaning techniques to keep their furniture in good condition and avoid permanent damage. Your furniture can last for years with the appropriate care and cleaning methods.

However, by not maintaining good cleaning practices, your furniture can quickly become stained, scratched, or worn, and shorten the lifespan of you furniture.  

By following these nine essential furniture cleaning tips, you will be able to keep your furniture looking its best for years to come!

Most people generally take their furniture for granted. We put our feet on them, let our pets sit on them, and sometimes put hot objects on their surfaces without thinking about it. However, when you take the time to invest in quality furniture, you naturally want it to last for as long as possible. That's why taking proper care of your furniture will help ensure that it withstands the test of time and remains a beautiful addition to your home for the long haul.

Avoid placing hot objects on the furniture

One of the most important things to remember is to avoid placing hot objects on your furniture, which can cause severe damage. A spilt cup of coffee or a newly microwaved bowl can quickly leave behind an unsightly mark, and a lit candle can sometimes cause the finish to discolour or even warp. So, if you want your furniture to look its best and last for years, try to keep hot objects off it. Your furniture will thank you for it!

Be gentle and careful when moving furniture

Moving furniture is often a big project. Whether moving to a new house or just rearranging your current home, throwing everything into the truck and hoping for the best is tempting, but that's not always the best approach. Instead, it's essential to take proper precautions when moving furniture to protect it from damage.

One way to be careful when moving furniture is to hire professional movers. They have the experience and equipment necessary to move your belongings safely, and they can help to avoid scratches and other damage.

While hiring a moving company can be helpful, it is often expensive. So, if you're doing the move yourself, try wrapping your more delicate furniture items in blankets or padding, and use dollies or other devices to help you move heavy pieces. Be careful not to bump into walls or doorways and take your time manoeuvring furniture through tight spaces.

You can help protect your furniture during a move by moving furniture safely, which will also save you money in the long run because it will prevent you from having to replace damaged items in the future. So next time you're planning a move, remember to be gentle with your furniture – it will be worth it in the end!

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

When people are looking to improve their home's interior, they often forget about one crucial element — the sun! Direct sunlight is so damaging that it is one of the leading causes of furniture damage, no matter if it is left outside or inside. The ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight can fade paint and fabric and cause wood to warp and crack.

It is essential to limit prolonged exposure to protect furniture from the sun. You can use the proper window coverings to block direct sunlight or rearrange your more delicate furniture away from skylights or windows. By taking these simple steps, people can help extend the life of their furniture and keep it looking its best.

Clean furniture frequently

Many people believe they can get away with only cleaning their furniture once in a while, but the truth is that deep cleaning it regularly is the best way to preserve it for longer. Just like any other surface in your home, furniture accumulates dirt, dust, and dead skin cells over time. If you don't clean it regularly, those things can start to wear down the finish or fade your upholstery.

Use appropriate cleaning products

While cleaning your furniture regularly is vital to keep it looking its best, what you use to clean it is just as important. Harsh chemicals can damage the finish on your furniture, making it more susceptible to scratches and wear-and-tear as time goes on. Instead, opt for a damp or soft dry cloth to wipe down your furniture before using chemicals and cleaning liquids.

If you must use a cleaner, ensure it is specifically designed for the type of furniture you are cleaning — and always test it in an inconspicuous area first. Taking these precautions can help preserve your furniture and keep it looking beautiful for longer.

Polish wood furniture frequently

As anyone with old wooden furniture knows, it's important to polish it regularly to keep it looking its best. Not only does polishing help to prevent scratching and fading, but it also gives the wood a deep, rich glow.

While polishing not only helps to protect the wood from future fading and scratching if applied regularly, furniture polish creates a barrier that not only repels dirt and dust but also makes it easier to clean off any build-up that does occur later on.

As a result, polishing your wooden furniture is one of the best ways to keep it looking its best long-term. So next time you're ready to clean your wooden dining table or your wooden credenza, be sure to give it a good polish!

Consider using slipcovers

Did you recently purchase a new upholstered sofa or chair? Or perhaps you're trying to ideate a few ways to preserve your current upholstered furniture? In either case, you may want to consider slipcovers or upholstery protectors.

Slipcovers can help prevent wear and tear on your upholstered furniture, making it last longer. They can also help protect your upholstery from the inevitable spills and stains. And if you have kids or pets, slipcovers can be a great way to keep your furniture clean and looking new. So, if you're looking to protect your upholstered furniture, slipcovers may be just what you need!

Limit pet usage on furniture

Pets may be man's best friends, but how much harm are you doing to their furniture by letting them on them?. Pets can cause all sorts of problems for furniture, from scratches to dirt, hair, and sometimes bugs.

Cats, in particular, are known for scratching furniture, damaging the finish, and leaving unsightly marks. While dogs can also cause scratches, most of their damage tends to be shedding and tracking in dirt from outside. These factors can all contribute to furniture appearing more worn and aged quickly.

For these reasons, it's important to consider setting some house rules and limiting the time your pet is allowed on your furniture. If your pet enjoys spending time on the couch or your bed, consider investing in a pet bed that they can use instead. This will help protect your furniture and keep it looking newer.

For tips on how to keep you pets off the furniture read this blog - Should You Let Your Dog on Your Couch?

Avoid cheap furniture

Sometimes, people looking for new furniture get caught up in the idea of a "bargain." They see a piece of cheap furniture and think, "I can get this now and upgrade later." But more often than not, cheap furniture doesn't last long. It falls apart after one move or gets damaged easily, and you're stuck having to buy new furniture sooner than you planned. If you're looking for furniture that will last, it's better to invest in quality pieces from the start!

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