Choosing the Right Couch for Your Home

A sofa set is one of the most essential types of furniture in almost every household.

It’s the first piece of furniture that welcomes our guests, hosts our movie nights, and supports our relaxing Sunday afternoons.

Sofa Sizes

Before discussing the types of sofas available, the first consideration should be its size. In addition to the visuals, the width, depth and height of your seating, factors such as how many bums may need to be on it at any time and how it fills the room are very important considerations. The depth of the seats and their height impact posture and determine how comfortable the sofa will be for you.

Traditional Sofas

In most living room layouts, a standard 92 cm high and roughly 96 cm deep. When deciding on where to place your 3-seater, remember that you'll need walkway space to avoid feeling cramped, as is the case with the other pieces of furniture. 

Petite Sofas

If you like the look of a traditional sofa but want a shallower option, think about a petite sofa. It's similar in height and length to its standard counterpart, but smaller version has reduced depth, making it an easy fit in smaller homes

Grande Sofas

Make room for a few more friends with a grande sofa. They comfortably seat four to five guests. Not only are grande sofas ideal if you want more space for friends and family to sit together, they're also stylish additions to long living rooms.

Sofa Styles

Once you figure out the ideal size of your couch, it's time to start thinking about the sofa styles. Firm, plush, modern or traditional, there's furniture that suits every taste.


The settee is a go-to for small-space dwellers, according to One Kings Lane. It's defined by a straight back and space for two or more to sit comfortably.


If you have a smaller room and want a cozier feel go with a loveseat. Just as deep and high as a traditional sofa, loveseats or apartment sofas, save space in their widths, providing comfortable room for two. 

Loveseats and sofas are often used together and arranged in an L-shaped configuration. While a love seat and a settee are often used synonymously, there are actually some differences between the two. While a settee traditionally fits two or more people, a love seat is designed to specifically fit two. 

Unlike settees, loveseats are always sold as an individual pieces of furniture, and cannot be attached to sectionals (sectionals use settees).

Sectional Sofas

Known as the “family sofa,” sectionals are a great option for people who prefer to customize their sofa configuration and style options. Comprised of multiple modular components, sectional sofas allow you to configure a seating arrangement that fits your family room. For instance, a loveseat-chaise lounge combination is a comfortable setup for smaller spaces, while an L- or U-shaped design built with sofas and corner chairs is ideal for spacious open floor plans.


A simple and classic sofa, the Bridgewater is defined as having a low profile and low arms that are set back from the frontmost part of the sofa. A traditional Bridgewater sofa features a skirt and a rolled back. The looseness of Bridgewater backs and cushions makes them a great pick for those who want adjustable firmness.


Versatile and easy to set up as a sleeper bed, futons are one of the more casual couch styles and offer a simple approach to hosting visitors for the night. Their backrests fold down flat to transition from sofa to bed in an instant. While traditional futons feature a wood or metal frame with a covered mattress on top, modern fold-down sofa beds have upholstered cushions that are integrated into the frame itself. The result: they're stylish enough to fit any contemporary living room.

Lounger Sofa

People mostly use lounger sofas for a laid-back space meant to help you relax and rest. These types of sofa sets are a combination of a sofa set and a lounge chair. 


Characterized by a clean-lined, rectangular shape, tufted back and seat cushions, and solid, wood legs, the Mid-Century sofa is the ideal choice if you love the "Mad Men" aesthetic. In fact, in 2009, CB2 released a Draper sofa, named after, you guessed it, Don Draper. Marital strife not included.


Talking about types of couches, one cannot forget about armchairs. They typically stand at the corner of your living room where it’s a part of the space but also a vital part of another space. 


The general use of an ottoman is for a footrest. You can place it near your sofa seat to lift your legs on them and watch your favourite shows. Or, you can simply sit on an ottoman as a small chair if all seats are full.

Recliner Sofa Sets 

There is nothing as comforting as a recliner sofa for a relaxing evening to unwind. Just sit back, push the button, stretch out and allow the stress of the day to evaporate.

Tight Back Sofas

Instead of having loose or semi-attached back cushions, tight back sofas have a tight upholstered backrest that can be smooth or tufted. Not only does this give the style a clean aesthetic. Their construction makes them a good fit for those looking for a firm sofa. If you want a more plush feel, layer plenty of throw pillows across the backrest.

Pillow Back Sofas

Pillow back sofas, also known as scatter back sofas, are characterized by their loose assortment of large pillows arranged across the backrest. These pillows are usually upholstered in the same color as the rest of the sofa. Typically, this type of couch does not have any traditional fitted back cushions. It does, however, provide a plush feel when kicking back and relaxing.

Tuxedo Sofas

Featuring a boxy silhouette with arms that are the same height as the backrest, a tuxedo sofa provides a clean-lined look. Many feature tight, tufted backs and arms for added detail, and they usually sit on four wood or metal legs.

Chaise or Curved Back Sofas

If you're looking for something unexpected in the living room, consider a curved back sofa or serpentine one. With a frame that looks at home in both retro and modern design schemes, this style of the couch makes a bold impact. Although it won't fit flush against the wall, the shape makes sitting with a group feel more intimate. Chaise derives from the term "chaise longue," meaning long chair. 

Camel Back Sofas

This design with a camelback is one of the most elegant types of sofa sets. It exudes a royal essence and style. This sofa has an arched back that reaches a higher point on either side, just like the animal it's named after. The back typically has one or two humps. It's a traditional style that creates an elegant look in any home.


The easiest way to know if the sofa in question is a Chesterfield? Check out the deep button tufting on the back. Its arms are rolled and are the same height as the back. Often made of leather, it's the sort of piece you would expect in a sophisticated library.

Track Arm Sofas

Track arm sofas have rectangular armrests, which give the piece clean lines and a modern feel. Due to their angular silhouette, they're easy to position against the wall or even in a corner. Comfortable and supportive on their own, you can make the arms feel plusher by resting throw pillows against them.

A track arm sofa features arms that are straight and square. The straight lines, clean silhouette, and contemporary feel of a track arm sofa make it so popular in modern-style homes. Track arm sofas are popular among apartment-dwellers due to their compact form that comes from their angular, non-curved silhouette. If you’re looking for more subdued modernity in the style of your sofa, the track arm is a great option.

Rolled Arm Sofas

With curved armrests, rolled arm sofas give the home a traditional look. The shape of the arm also makes them a comfortable spot to rest your head.

Slope Arm Sofas

Slope arm sofas add modern detail to your home's design. The backs of the armrests are typically the same height as the backrest, and they get shorter as they approach the front of the furniture. This produces a curved silhouette.

Pillow Arm Sofas

Pillow arm sofas make lying down in the living room even more comfortable. Featuring oversized cushions draped over the armrests, these arms are typically seen on plush furniture. Opt for an overstuffed pillow arm sofa if you prefer a soft feel.


The récaimer is another historic sofa style, originating from the French hostess, Julie Adélaïde Bernard Récamier, who was painted by Jacques-Louis David, sitting on a backless couch (now, the récamier). The récamier can be best described as a backless daybed with two scrolled ends.

Armless Sofas

Armless sofas can be used with corner chairs, loveseats and chaise lounges to build a sectional, and they're popular as standalone pieces in modern design. Their minimalist shape fits seamlessly in contemporary homes.


The term divan originated in Persia. Traditionally, a divan refers to a long seat made from a mattress that is placed against a wall with cushions to lean on. The modern-day divan has a mattress-like seat that is tufted and sits on a low-profile frame. Divans are still typically placed against a wall and decorated with pillows, and are often used as a bed for guests.